Going over the edge!

Yesterday Jayia got well again and today we might have a sleep over, maybe? Today is going to be very very rainy here it already is. Last night it poured down, and I have to do my blog today and since we didn’t really do too much yesterday, I’ll just tell you a few things.

Firstly the cool thing is my Edge Chronicle books arrived yesterday from Milly who brought them all the way from NZ. I’ve already got into the 6th one and it’s so great!!!!!! I’m planing on reading all the 4 books before I get to America and I’m in to it.

Hey guys did I mention its RAINING HERE YEEEAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a photo of a sacred sword that’s used for the ceremony’s here in Bali, most people wear them around their waist.

Here’s me geting into my book Yaay!!!!!

Hey remember the wart pickers blog that I did in Changmai in Thailand? Well look at this, all the warts have gone and the varuca that I didn’t even mention on my foot is gone too after I put ‘the stuff’ on it. 🙂

And this is the huge stone dinosaur outside the Botanical gardens which we checked out the other day, but I forgot to mention.

Haere Ra.


Lukoia Coffey over and out

What we did yesterday.

Yesterday we cruised around on the motorbike alot. We went up the back roads where there’s lots of corners. I like corners because we can lean into them.

We took our friends some special drinks to help them get better because they’re still sick. We didn’t stay around too long, but while we were there mum spotted this fruit. Do you know what it is?


I didn’t know, but I wanted to try it, so mum asked me to get it down from the tree which was pretty tricky. It was actually really hard to hit it off the branch because…..

1. It was higher than me.

2. It was stuck on the branch and I was just like…

Waaaam pow

Hit bang crack ooooooow!!!!

Then it fell on me and cracked open, and to my surprise the seeds inside were slimy and tasted yum. This is the fruit off the chocolate tree, its called cacao. The beans are normally dried to make chocolate and  theyre so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!! We stayed around longer and ate that all up and then we went home and I got minecraft on my mums tablet.

On the way home we checked out this place where they do heaps of wood carvings. These are some of the things I liked. This crazy horse, and the triceratops standing guard outside.


Oh yeah back to minecraft….I’m getting used to it again and its really really really!!!! fun. I think I’m going to build all kinds of new things. Mayan Temples, towers, huge castles and lava lakes.

Mum went down the road to drop off some things to her friend and I stayed at home playing MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!  But you can relax, because our home is in a compound with 3 other houses and there’s always people around. Actually all the people living here at Dolphin House are from Australia, and mums known them for years. One guy named Jarra Tree was even hanging out with mum and dad in Costa Rica just before I came along. He’s cool and so is Dan. I put them onto Dubsmash and they thinks its hilarious fun. I’ll try and put it on mums Facebook. I really want my own Facebook account but she STILL won’t let me. Its not fair!

Anyway bye bye for now

Ka kite ano


Lukoia Coffey doing my blog. Now done it! Over and out

The story of blog stuff even though this doesn’t have any thing to do with that.

Yesterday we went to Jayia’s place and I went for a walk in the rice paddy’s and over this really rickety bridge. Then we went along this little pathway that leads to a bigger concrete pathway on the other side of the rice paddy’s where the vines grow, so we could have some shade because it was pretty hot. We mucked around down there for ages, talking and sharing our great ideas about the future. Then we went back to Jayia’s  place and thought of some more ideas for the rescue animal thing that were doing . Sadly Jayia was sick so it took a little while for us to think of some ideas. After that we went to the place called Soma and had a look and a play with the instruments there, and it was really really really really fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!  it was really fun. We strolled around town and checked out some shops, I really liked this awesome instrument shop. They had hugs there, they were they 9 million rupees! Wow thats a lot, and its a copy of the real one.


After that we saw Dan and his mates and we showed them the best chocolate mousse in town. Sadly they were all out of chocolate mousse and we had to get some from down the road we were very dumb minded 2 get 1 for each of us because they were so sweet and afterwards I was bouncing off the walls literally. And then we all went home and my sugar rush slowly ran out and I slept like a log.

Today we are going to go to Jayia’s and maybe have a sleepover which would be so fun but I have to finish my blog so I’m going to finish it buy making you guys read this little lola lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lol lol lala lala lala lala la palma lol, hello, hello, daytime, no time, my time, night time, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Oh and we saw this in town on our way home. It was the start of a ceremony parade. I would have liked to be the kid on top.

See you tomorrow, hasta luego. Bye bye.


Lukoia Coffey, sleeping over, biking and NOT swimming cos of my ear and missing my friends and travelling the world with my family. Over and out. I think he was happy too. He he he.

Biking down mountains in Bali

On Tuesday we went biking down the mountain, I’d been waiting all week to go but then my ear ache came back the night before and mum said she’d have to cancel it because instead we had to go to the doctors. But then she uncancelled it because we managed to go to the doctors really early like 7am and the doctor gave me some medicine and it felt better straight away. So we still went biking. And it was awesome!!!!!



We started off going to a coffee plantation, and they gave us this big tray of all the different flavored teas and coffees there. And they were all pretty tasty. Mum didnt really want me to have coffee but I had to try it. I wanted to have a catpoochino but it cost a lot of money. Do you know why they call it that? Because it’s made from coffee beans that have gone thru the belly of a cat creature.


It was really furry and cute but it got kept in a cage which was kind of sad. They fed it coffee beans and then collected the poo’s afterwards. The little cat creature was nocturnal and looked more like a possum  than a  cat. Mum took a picture of this little guy and he was like, WOOOOOOOOOOW. So cute.


Afterwards we got set up on our bikes and started off downhill. My bike was tiny at first but then it got bigger. It was great! we hardly had to peddle at all, but then towards the end it was 3 kms up hill. What I didn’t like along the way was the guide literally didn’t stop talking. But what I did like was flying down these little roads with no hands and no traffic and seeing rice paddies and jungle going past.

At the end we had a huge big lunch and I ate 5 chicken satay sticks (but I could have eaten heaps more) except mum made me eat vegetables and noodles as well.

When we came home I just felt like lying down so we watched the Big hero 6 movie. I reckon it’s a cool movie, and I’d like to get some micro bots into this world so we could do cool things with them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then go and watch the movie.

Also when I was in Caangu my friend Cashey showed me this app called Dubsmash. This is what it’s like. We’ll try to upload it here so you can see it because its really funny.

Anyway That’s all bye.

Ka kite ano BYE BYE


Lukoia Coffey biking and swimming and making new friend and missing my old friends and travelling the world with my family. Over and out. YEAH

The beachy weekend

Last weekend we went to stay with our friends at Caangu beach. We stayed the night at this cool place called Serenity which was all built out of bamboo and recycled milk cartons and news paper. They had lots of gardens and a huge pool! (Concrete of course! )



The next day I went motor cross riding with Cashey, (my new friend he’s 10 as well) he had all the gears like helmets, pants, boots, knee pads, armour, elbow pads, gloves, and even a liver protector. Mum didnt come with us, cos it was just a boys mission so theres no photos to show you. Anyway Cashey has a 110cc Scorpion motorbike which was really different to my motorbike. It still went pretty fast but it didnt have the same feeling, and I didn’t really trust it going around corners because the tyres had more grip and I’m used to bald tyres. So I can slip in the mud and slide around corners. We had time trials down this little dirt road, Adam had the stopwatch and I beat Cashey by one second!

Then we played soccer on the beach with Cash and his mates and all the kids here are into playing with these things. But I can’t remember the name of them.


After that we came home and he showed me all these movies that his brother made with his GoPro. They were really cool, especially the surf movies when waves go over top of you and all the under water stuff. I’ve always said I wanted a Gopro so that’s what I’m saving for. I want the Gopro Hero 3.


After that we said goodbye to our friends at the beach (sadly… cos I loved it at the beach and wanted to stay longer.) When we got back to Ubud we went back to Dolphin House and jumped in the pool and then went to my new friend Kavi’s house. His house is a big community on the side of a hill in the jungle, its got a great pool down 185 steps at the bottom near the river. My other friend Jayia was there as well so we played in the pool the whole time and threw sticks and stones at each other (which didn’t break our bones)


Jayia came back to our house afterwards and I made her an inhalation because she had a cold and was sneezing heaps. And then we met up with her mum at the restaurant for dinner….and I stole heaps of sugar for my survival kit that I’m making.

The survival kits got 25 toothpicks in it 3 packs of sugar, a bunch of tissues and money and some other first aid things.



Our Caangu mission

Yesterday I was a millionaire for a moment, then mum paid last weeks accomodation so now im not anymore. Even though im rich in my life already. The cool thing was mums friend saw this photo on her facebook page and made it into something else. I’ll try and post it on here so you can see. Its really cool, I want to learn how to do that.


Anyway, yesterday we got a taxi ride from Ubud down to Caangu beach to visit a friend of mums from Gisborne named Adam. It took an hour driving through all these windy little village roads,and I’m glad mum decided not to ride down on our motorbike because it would have been so hard to find our way and deal with the crazy traffic as well. They don’t really have any road rules here it seems.

When we got to Caangu, which is on the coast, I was amazed at how big the waves were and how open it was. I mean like barrels were everywhere! It took us a while to find Adam but when sniffed him out. We were amazed at the awesome cool house he lives in with Anita and her cool kids Sheriff, Sweeny and Cashey. They’ve got 2 dogs, heaps of crazy coloured Japanese fighting fish and one goldfish with a really wierd bubbly head. Their house is so big they can play soccer   in it and they have a pool in their lounge!!!! Its pretty awesome. We all went out for dinner at this restaurant on the beach called Old Man’s where there were heaps of young people and travellers getting bubbly for the night.

Then after that I went with the kids to this cool place called Bounce and this is what we did there. BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!!!!!

2015-05-22 21.48.48-1

It started at 7:00PM and went until 10:00 and all we did was jump off the walls, bounce into the foam pit and have a great time. It was SO AWESOME that I want to go back next week already.

2015-05-22 21.54.05-1
I went in the foam pit and then on the olympic sized trampolines to, but the one that was most fun was the basket ball court because it was all trampolines, on the floor on the walls and every where else.

We played there until mum and Adam came to pick us up and I was so thirsty, (even though i drank 2 bottles of water….mum!) so we went straight home to another big drink and bed at our really nice place called Serenity.

It was such a great night. I’ll post photos when we can upload them.


Lukoia Coffey over and out.

The waterfall adventure and sleep overs.

A couple days ago we went to a really massive waterfall and me and my friend Jayia got to swim underneath it, man was it powerful and windy!


When we went behind the waterfall we got sucked in and pushed to the back of the cave. A guy lent us some rubber tyres so we didn’t drown and pulled us around so we didn’t have to swim so much. Jayia accidently popped the tyre she was on, so we secretly tried to hide it from the guy so he didn’t know. But he did find out.

The water falling was so strong it made huge waves, it was like we were in the middle of a huge stormy sea.

After that, we had lunch and a guy lost his jandle down the river at the same time. When we got back up to the top of the massive stair case Jayia the girl that I met a week ago asked if I wanted to have a sleep over and I said yes and we had a great time together.


1. We got there and made some loom bands.

2. We had a dance party until it was 11:00pm

3. We went to bed.

4. I woke up at 5 and tried to find the kitten.

5. I found the kitten but it was locked in another room of their house.

6. Jayia woke up and we went for a walk into the rice paddies and after that we came home and had breakfast.

7. One of Jayia’s friends came over and we all played all day.

8. We went to a singing circle thing, where the adults sung and we played in the pool.

9. We left and went back to her house.

10. Then we went into town to meet up with mum for dinner. It was great.

11. Then we mum went home.



Lukoia Coffey swimming, playing with new friends and travelleing the world with my family over and out.

Things we did over the weekend

On the weekend we walked along this little temple path (above) it went along thru tall grasses along a ridge and down through jungle by the river.


That was after we went to Clear cafe to fuel up on our favourite choco matrix drink.

Later that night we went to the movies and saw Inter stellar and after the movie mum couldn’t drive the motor bike home because she was so tripped out with the galacticness of it. But we did managed to get home safely.


On Saturday I did a Vipassanna kids meditation course with my new friend Jaiya. I learnt how to do Apana style meditation, it was alot of sitting still and concerntrating on the hairs below your nose as your breathe in and out. It got boring by the end of the day. That was the day that I got a an ear ache too. I still have it today which sucks because it hurts when I try to sleep. But I’ve been taking homeopathics from mums travelling kit, so its going away.


The other day I went swimming at dolphin house and found this guy on the edge of the pool and look at his EYES!!!! Pretty cool aye. Millions of dragon flies come out every afternoon over the rice paddies, they eat the mozzies and then birds sweep down and eat them.

On Sunday mum and I had a sleep over at our friend Jayia’s place. They had the craziest kitten in the world there. It was pretty funny because it would purr for 2 seconds when you patted it and then it would go mad on your arm and rip it to shreads. ( lucky I had gloves on.:D). I played with the crazy kitten alot of the time I was there.


Then yesterday we went to visit our new friends, Annie and Lilliana that we met at Bali Buddha. We hung out and played at their house for the afternoon. Mostly we mucked around in the pool. Lilliana goes to the Green School which sounds pretty cool. I nearly forgot to skype Hari my best friend in NZ, but luckily mum remebered and we had a cool chat while we were there….

I have heaps of best friends Including Benji, Cody, Lucien, Orongo, Albert, Hari, other Lucien, Jimmy Sol 😀 and a lot of other people I met on this trip already and others in NZ. But lately I’ve been missing my friends back home and I’m up for skyping with you all.


This is what I look like when mum says I have to do my blog and other homework stuff.

Yesterday afternoon I met this awesome guy from Australia who had a cool old fashioned helmet with goggles. We hung out for a while and shared dinner with him at this Warung 9 restaurant. How it worked was really different because everyone served themselves (like buffet style) then you added up the cost of your meal and at the end you just left the amount in a jar on the table. It was all about trust.


:D:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 THE END:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Lukoia Coffey swimming and missing my friends, but travelling the world with my family over and out.


My day at Zions.

We moved places and it was pretty hard when we had to move all the bags because they were all really heavy and made the motor bike wobbley. After that, we went to Zions place and at first we got annoyed at each other and then we invented the bear hug and that made it all alot easier. We moved from dolphin house to a big tower house down the road and it has a pool too so I’m happy.

Today I’m having a hard blog time because the “computer” is doing really weird things and it’s so annoying.

Any way I was telling you about Zion and stuff.


1. Got there on mums motorbike.  (with mum)

2. Watched a movie. (Ice age 4)

3. Went swimming with him and his other friend.

4. Got annoyed at each other.    (Like never wanted to see each other again.)

5. Called my mum to come by and pick me up in a few hours.

6. Got UNannoyed at each other. ( invented the bear hug)

7. Mum came to pick me up.      (We asked if we could have a sleep over that night.)

8. Mum said no you can have a sleep over on Saturday.

9. We hid from mum and then we went home and said good bye.

Had dinner at Clear cafe and I had a choco matrix and mum filmed me doing this.

Sorry we had to split the film in half to upload it.

And that was my day at Zions. Now if you would exuse me I’m going to jump in our new pool.



Lukoia Coffey over and out.

The TOROFLUX!!!!!!

Yesterday we went on an adventure on the motorbike up around the back roads of Ubud. It was really cool because there’s so many temples everywhere you look. At the entrance way to each temple there happens to be a dog at nearly all of them, lying down sleeping. Its a crack up! For lunch we went on a mission into the rice paddies to find this organic restaurant, and I ate the best giant spring rolls in my life.

We parked our scoopy motorbike and walked most of the way up these little pathways. This is what we saw…..lots of rice, at all different heights and more rice! There were flocks of ducks munching in the mud where the rice had been cut down too.





I never knew what rice plants looked like, here’s a photo when the plants fully grown. After it’s grown they harvest it and when its dry a guy beats the bunches against the ground and all the grains fall out onto a tarp. It must take heaps of plants to make one sack of rice, and a lot of time.

We also checked out the gardens, (this is a rice paddy look out tower) we saw that they keep cows in pens (which I thought was pretty mean) but at least they feed them well, then they can collect their poo and make lots of compost from it.

After that we went home and played in the pool for a while then we went into town again for dinner.

We were walking around in town and we found this cool shop with this thing called the TOROFLUX in it.


It’s awesome you can use it for decoration, entertainment and fun. You can pass it to your friends, you can throw it and basicly it just flows on you. I really wanted one, and mum surprised me and bought one without me knowing. Then when we got to the place for dinner she gave it to me. Wow! Its so awesome. I played with it all night, and thought about busking and making a little show with it. I met this other girl named Jaia, we had fun playing around with it and then got onto the hula hoops and started playing drums and other crazy instruments at this place. It was pretty fun. I’m going to make a movie and see if I can put it on here.


Lukoia Coffey over and out.