Summer camp and other things.

The night before last we watched this movie called Second hand Lion it’s an old one, but it was still pretty cool. There were lots of old American cars in it and these two old guys that went fishing with shotguns. I liked it, they were funny. Mum and grandma liked the music in it too.

Lately we’ve been playing more tennis and yesterday I got whipped by one of the neighbours kids down at the tennis court and mum did too. Getting a ball whizzing through the air at you really fast is kind of scarey.

After that we played at our friends house on their air hockey table and I practiced juggling out side. Their dog is really funny too because when ever it comes up to a lady it pees on them and it’s a crack up.


Just yesterday grandpa and I went and brought a double screw head screw and we finished the sword and this is what it looks like…..


It’s really well balanced.

This is mums birthday cake that grandma and I put together and it tasted so good….


This morning I went looking at the garage sale and I found a snowboard and the really nice people there let me have it for free, I’m so exited to get home and use it.

But also when I went into there garage I saw his hardly Davidson motor bike and they gave me a ride around the block and also let me ride and mow their grass on a ride on mower. It was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*£££ !!!!!!)’&¥€/:¥€/:%;_;%=€! ¥€!!!????!!!!?

Yesterday we went to the airport and as soon as we got there they said the flight was cancelled, so we went home and spent another night with grandma and grandpa. We played Uno .

I won’t be doing blogs for around 2 weeks because I’ll be at summer camp. I’ll tell you about it when I get out.

Baseball and building things with grandpa


Batter up!
This morning grandpa taught mum and myself how to play baseball, it was so funny trying to hit the ball…..we got better at it by the end.
I’d like to bring a baseball home to NZ and start playing it at school next year. Anyway it was really fun and after that we went to the tennis court and I have to say we’re getting better at that too…which is good.


When we got home I asked grandpa if we could go down into his workshop and make something out of wood. I decided I’d like to make a sword, and I’m loving it.
So today we cut out the shape of it and then I sanded it by hand until it was as smooth as an eel. We’re going to use some nice wood to make a handle on it and tomorrow we’ll finish working on it, then I’ll oil it.


If its not too big we might be able to post it back home to NZ in the package of jackets (my leather jacket from Germany and my camo jacket from the USA) when we send it.

Also today we were going to go ice skating too but sadly the rink was closed for repairs which was a bummer. But next time when we come back after summer camp it’ll be open so I’ll be able to go with my dad and Helen as well as mum.

This is my grand parents back yard.



See you next time bye…

I’m really exited about the sword its going to be awesome.


Lukoia Coffey……

Schenectady and playing tennis

Hi guys we’ve been playing tennis lately at the tennis court down the road and we are totally….sucky at it!!!!!!!!!

But at least today we were less sucky than yesterday.


We went for a walk around the area and checked out the pond close by after that. My dad and his brothers used to go ice skating on it every winter when they were kids. There were heaps of frogs in it.


When we came back from tennis we jumped in the pool and floated around on lilo’s for a while.
I thought it was really nice that the neighbours let us use their tennis rackets and swim in their pool.

It was also good of grandpa to let us take his truck for a while, we went for a drive around the area I liked it so much I couldn’t get out.

Its BIG!!!!, it’s STRONG!!!! and most of all we drove on the wrong side of the road (compared to NZ)

That shall be all for today see you next time 😅😆😆😆😄

The end

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

The Coffey family reunion.


Anyway let me tell you about the family reunion we went to. These are my grandparents Pete and Ann Coffey they’re awesome!

Firstly right beside the plaza hotel where we stayed, was this huge park, with swan boats and lots of big trees. The hotel had more than 1000 rooms and 15 floors which we loved exploring in the elevators, there were 6 of them.

Our room was on the 10th floor and one morning I woke up and looked out the window and saw a huge crane lifting big flower pots up into the roof of the buiding next door to us, it looked really cool.


Anyways back to the park, there were heaps of squirrels there and my cousins and I tried to make a squirrel trap but it didn’t work because we didn’t build it right and all the squirrels weren’t interested. There was one squirrel that liked me and when I fed it, the little guy sat on the tree right in front of me and took the chips from my hand. The squirrels here are so cute, I’d love to have one as a pet.


The last day we were there we went on a cruise around the harbour on a really fancy boat (thats Boston city in the back ground) This is what we got up to on the boat….playing, eating, laughing and running around. It was great fun.


That night back at the hotel when everyone was having dinner we made a whole lot of paper planes and ran around the second floor flying them down into the lobby,  it was so much fun. We had a big play fight with my cousins their names were Leo. Koele, Nicholas, Matao and Dan. The family reunion was so awesome I want it to happen again so I can play a lot more with my cousins. Hopefully I’ll get to see them again in America or maybe they’ll come to visit us in NZ. That’d be super cool.


Oh by the way this is the new camo jacket that I just got from my grandma. Can you see me? It works pretty well aye.

The end

Lukoia Coffey over and out……..

< and who ever has some cool photos of the coffey family reunion plese send them to my mum so she can post them on here. THANX.


Hey guys we’re in America now! Boston actually. This photo was on our way to the hotel in the subway. It was pretty loud and windy in there when the trains were coming.

2015-06-19 06.30.54

Now we’re at our nice hotel and ive got a huge bed all to myself with heaps of pillows and a massive flat screen tv! Its great. We’re just out of the city and today we’re going to the family reunion and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back to grandma and grandpa’s afterwards because I won’t be blogging for 2 days maybe.

This afternoon we meet with the whole Coffey family and we’re going to Fenway Park which is the famous baseball stadium of the Red Sox and it’s going to be awesome.

I’m really looking forwards to meeting all my family except dad won’t be there so that’s a bummer but it’s still going to be fun to see my cousins again.

Did you know that I’m going to Mexico next month, and I’m going to do scuba diving in Belize. That’s what I’m most excited about on this whole trip.

Tomorrow I think we’re going on a river cruise on a really flash boat and it’s going to be so cool that I have to say good bye now.

See you after the short break.Bye.

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

Leaving Germany

This morning we got up and drove 1.5 hrs to the airport which was in Frankfurt city. On the way we talked about what our best and worst things in Germany were. My favourite things were the castles and the worst things were traffic jams on the autobahn. Because I wanted to go fast !!! When we got to check in for our flight today the computer denied mums entry. It sucked!  Because we had to wait for ages while the lady tried to sort it out,  I was worried that we’d miss our flight because it was getting pretty close to boarding time. So mum asked the lady to give us special assistance and she did. She walked us all the way through all the security checks and we were at our gate in no time. It was great!

Bye Tom, thanks for taking us to awesome places and teaching me cool things. See you in NZ when we get back hopefully.

Now we’re flying over the ocean and mum said I had to do my blog before I could watch another movie. I’ve already watched Chappie and now I’m watching dog with a blog. Its cool. Anyway bye.

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

Last day in Germany

Yesterday was our last day in Germany and we spent it with alot of driving around and being in a big city. We went to a homeopath who did kinesiology (muscle testing) on mum and me. The lady said my body wasn’t doing very well with wheat and it would be best not to eat it, and mum shouldn’t have milk but cheese is ok.

After that was all over we went up this high hill and checked out Frankenstein’s castle! It had such an amazing view, you could see the tallest buildings  in Europe from there.


There was a telescope that I paid 1€ to use, but it was a rip off because it only went for 2 minutes. But here’s some photos of the castle.




Then we had our last dinner by the fire and we ate bratwursts and they were really tasty.
We started saying our goodbyes to Tom,  he’s a really good guy and both of us are going to miss him alot. As well as that, we don’t know when we’ll see him again. Hopefully back in NZ.

Lukoia Coffey over and out. I think he was happy. :D;)

Super cool summer sledging!

Yesterday I did a bit more work on building the couch with Tom, so now it’s finished.

7D9GOfDZygcC_Yv3sZ1G0Fq427-D9C_MhEKr8LJu4j4 Later on we went to this place where they do summer sledgeing, its on a rail track and you sit in a cart with brakes and if you push them forwards you go faster and if you let go of them you stop. It’s alot like the Luge in Rotorua and Queenstown.


The track was pretty cool with loopdeloops everywhere and it even went over a main road.


We went down a couple of jumps and around lots of sharp corners and then you’d get pulled back up the hill on a cable and you could watch other people going down the track as you came up. When you get to the top you’d jump out and go back to the station to get more rides.

I went down the track 7 times and mum and Tom went down twice. Each time I went down I’d go faster!!!!!! AND WITHOUT USING MY BRAKES. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! SOo that was yesterday.

Oh yeah I’m going to see my grandma and grandpa the day after tomorrow. I haven’t been to there house in 7 years and I’m really excited to be going there again and especially to see my cousins again and go to summer camp too.


When we got home, Tom’s friends Peter and Phena (who are arborists) came over with their climbing gear so I could go up this huge tree in our back yard.


It’s the highest tree in the neighbourhood, and man was it awesome to go up it. I hauled my own body weight up with this very clever thing that was like a vice gripper on the rope.


Bye bye see you in Boston.


Lukoia Coffey over and out.

Burning fluffy trees and castle climbing

When we woke up yesterday, myself and mum were a little bit tired and had no energy. Mum thinks its because our bodies are adjusting to eating so much bread and cheese. So Tom took us driving and he took us to this place up on top of a hill. We went walking through beach forest and heres what came into sight….but sadly it was all closed up. We climbed up onto the wall, and I really wanted to go in…. but of course we didnt and especially because we saw CC TV cameras inside.


It’s called Alsbacher Schloss. Next we went here.



This is the butchers shop in a little village near to us. The bratwurst sausage is my favorite.

Dose any one know what’s hanging from the top shelf?????? Write in your comments.

We’ve been trying heaps of different cheeses too and my favourite is the Austrien one.


And this is when we drove down a forest road to see the view all the way across to France…..


This is what they have at the bottom of walking tracks. Its called Kneipp therapy. Its a pool that you have to walk around in like a stork 3 times after youve finished hiking and it is good for your heart. Then you have to put your boots bavk on when your feet are still wet. And it feels great and a bit crazy.

Oh and this is what falls down from the big Poplar tree outside. Its like cotton and the other day me and Tom gathered it up and set fire to it. I hope you can see the movie. When mum uploads it.

This will be the end of my blog so snap you next time.


Lukoia Coffey over and out. Enjoying Germany.

A day on the Tromm. Charcoal and Iron Ore and other things.

Yesterday we had quite a large breakfast, more like a brunch so it would last the whole day until late afternoon and then we went to one of Tom’s friends places. They had a really beautiful dog as big as a wolf and it was so fun playing with her because it was like she was the bowling ball and I was the pins,  which meant I couldn’t really stand up on the front lawn because she would bowl me over. It was great fun. Later on I learnt that she didn’t used to be good with kids, but for some reason her and I got on really well. I’m really looking forward to having my own dog one of these days when we get back home to NZ.

Anyways after that we went to another of Toms friends places. This guy is called Hans and his place is so MASSIVE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

His grandfathers lived here and had alot of old machinery that doesnt work now, so Hans got it made into cool fences. Its pretty good recycling I thought.
He has horses and cattle that are called beef cattle because they don’t produce milk for drinking, so he waits until their older and  then……that’s the end of them sadly.

We went down to the cattle and we stood there watching the little cute baby calves following their mothers around.


They’ve got alot of land on their farm which isnt that common in Germany,this was me walking on a pile of broken roof tiles. It made a cool sound that i liked.

We had a big feast later for dinner and I played chess with mum and absolutely WON!!!!?!?!? and also I won against Tom as well.


I made this deal with Hans that when I come back to Germany in my life, I must visit him. He was a really great guy.A bit like Santa Clauss.

I think I’ve wrote enough now, so see you next time because I really need to a peeeeee! !
Enjoy the photos of our day.

Oh yeah i forgot….We also went up into the forest to a mine site to see how they make charcoal and extract iron out of iron ore to make tools.

This is the burn pile they set up to make the charcoal.

This is the raw iron ore


This is measuring out equal parts of charcoal and iron ore to put in the furnace.

This is the furnace.

This is a really complicated sign about whats going on. And it was in German which makes it even harder to understand.

But we had fun and it was really interesting, and very scientific. I hope you can understand it from the photos. I thought the charcoal pile was pretty cool (actually really hot) and now I understand how charcoal’s made. It really takes a lot to make it, so dont waste it.

😆😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 THE END 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

Lukoia Coffey over and out.