The swap over.

Yesterday we got a boat across the lake from San Pedro to San Marco and I got dropped off by Helen to meet mum.

When I got to mum I was so exited to see her and to ask when we are going home and she said in 2 weeks.

This is the new place that we are staying and its really cool…




The photo up top is taken inside our room and what’s holding the glass together is paper mache. Pretty awesome aye.

IN 2 WEEKS I’M COMING HOME YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!?!!!*!***€&^$_&$&$&$! $! $! $€$!? $!”*”!”! ($! $! $*$*$€×_@/@/#&$! $?@*#**.


Anyways, when I get home I have so much to do like…

1. Open a cafe for humans and dogs.

2. Open a black smith shop.

3. See all my friends.

4. Go back to school.

Anyways I have to go now so see you later don’t forget your toilet paper.

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

The streets of Antigua.

Today we walked the streets of Antigua and we went all the way to the middle of town where there was a park which is like most Guatamalan towns. They call this park the ‘zocolo’.

While we were walking around Antigua the first day, we slowly found out about the earth quakes at that town.

There were old buildings that had fallen down and they looked so beautiful. We looked it up on Google the next morning and it told us….  1773, an earth quake struck Antigua it was estimated around 7.5 and it was followed by alot of after shocks and they lasted until december 1773.


We kind of just hung around town for the day and did nothing.

It was so fun making dessert tonight because it was a surprise for Dad.

We had….

Banana cake with banana, peach, lychees, lime and cream.

It was so tasty.

This is the last blog I’m doing with Dad and Helen for a while.

I’m So relieved.  ; ) just kidding.  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

The end

Lukoia coffey over and out.

Three places at once.

Yesterday we woke up in the morning and stretched, yawned and then packed our bags. We were leaving from Tikal to go to Antigua to hopefully hike up a volcano. There were no buses in the daytime, so we took the night bus for 10 hours to Guatemala city. To get to the night bus, we had to take a mini bus from El Remate to Santa Elena and then wait 8 hours until 10 pm.

While we were waiting, we walked down to the park by a massive lake and on the way we stopped in at a mall and I played some video games in the arcade. Then we walked over the bridge onto an island with a town called Flores. And then I went and looked in some shops and I saw some cool jewelry and an awesome knife.. It was kind of like a small dagger. We walked all the way around the island and it took us about one hour.

We headed back to the bus station and on the way there, we saw a little taco shop and Dad didn’t think that I would like it, but when he looked over at my plate, it was all gone. They were the best tacos I’ve had in a long time.

We caught the big bus at 10 pm to Guatemala city, and on the way all we did was ….ummmmmm…. Not sleep…and be uncomfortable.. This was a luxury bus and it was so bad.

When we got there at 6 am this morning, we caught a mini bus to Antigua.. It took us 1 hour. When we got here we saw the amazing view of the volcanic volcano of volcanoes…. And then we asked how much it would be to hike up one and see the lava and they said 287 New Zealand dollars.. And they also said in a whisper…” Its’ not been working that properly lately” . So, we decided not to climb ,sadly….

So…we’ve just been chillaxing this morning in the local markets.


Lukoia coffey over and out.

The end……

A day at Tikal.

Today we woke up at 5:00 am and got a quick breakfast across the road and then got picked up by a van and got driven to Tikal. Tikal is a big mayan city that has been over grown by the jungle.


When we got there, there was literally no one around at all and it was in the middle of the jungle with little stone heads of the pyramids sticking out of the huge jungle trees. We took the road that turned left and walked through the jungle for a while until we got to temple V. We were looking up the staircase and stuff and it said we could’nt climb it, but then we saw a little critter with a white nose and a massive tail.. A white nosed Coatamundi.
Here’s a list of animals we saw…..

1. An oversized ‘crabbit’..something that looked like a cat that roamed the trees, and an oversized rabbit.

2. Heaps of ant trails all over the place that looked like highways.

3. Some really cool looking Parrots.

4. Toucans

5. Howler Monkeys.

6. Butterflies

7. Wild Turkeys

8. Bats

9. Spiders

10. Tube houses of bees

We walked into the main grounds and checked out the two temples there. And then we walked down a small tiny trail to this huge temple. It was so steep to get up. And when we were up there, we could see the width of New Zealand over the rainforest.

We were at the ruins for 8 hours checking out cool things. We were coming back to go to the parking lot and we found this big building. We happened to hike up the side of it and we found a doorway to go inside and we went all the way through the building and then we were wondering where the second floor was.  We found the second floor and the roof had fallen off, but we still walked up there because it was quite a nice view.

When we got down off the building, we walked through the jungle back to the parking lot. We had a coke and a sandwich, looked at the museum quickly, and hopped in the van to go home and get ice creams.

The end

Lukoia coffey over and out.:-)


Leaving Belize.

Yesterday we woke up on Saint George’s caye and we packed our bags and had breakfast and then we got the boat and headed off to Belize city.. Thank you so so so much Barry and the rest of the crew from St. George’s caye resort!!!!!!


When we got there we got a van to the bus station to cach our bus to Guatemala.
The bus ride was a 4 and a half hour bus ride.

And on the bus ride all we did was sleep the whole way.

When we got here to El Remate, we found a shop that had really good pastry for 50 ¢ NZ so we bought alot of pastry and then we came home to find a good movie….

…..and lay in bed until we went to sleep because we knew we had to wake up at 5:00 tomorrow morning.

The night dive.

Last night we went out on a boat and got anchored and then we jumped feet first into blackness.

We had torches and we turned them on before jumping in but I was still very nervous.

But when we jumped in I sank right to the bottom with no problems at all with my ears.

While we were down there we saw……


1 octopuss.

2 eels

Heaps of fish and some massive crabs about 1 meter wide.

Here’s a video of Dad and me spearing lion fish.



Oh and were staying here for another 2 days relaxing for Guatemala.


I have to go eat lunch so yum yum yum.


Yum yum.


Lukoia coffey over and out.

Beneath the waves.

Hey guys, I have’nt been doing blogs lately because i’ve been training for my open water certificate in S.C.U.B.A. diving.

Did you know, S.C.U.B.A stands for self contained, under water, breathing, apparatus.

Now I have completed the scuba certificate I can dive any where in the world, including night dives.

This is what I did to get my certificate. I did a pool dive and learned all of the safety rules. I did 4 open water dives, and then I did a test on the memory of the book and dives.

But now I can do heaps more stuff under water.


This morning we went out on the boat and did 2 dives spearing lion fish, and on the second dive we went to a tug boat wreck and there were so many lion fish there, that your spear was just going back and forth, back and forth.

We were down at 100 ft (30 meters) and it was amazing.

Tonight we’re going for a night dive with torches and stuff. I’m a little bit nervous.

I have to get ready for the night dive so blub blub blub.


Blub blub.

Lukoia coffey over and out.

The dive zon£

This morning we woke up and we were all excited to finally be going to the diving place.

We packed our bags straight away and we were walking off down the street towards the place where we got picked up by the boat.

The place that we got picked up at was a fancy hotel and a guy walked past and asked if we wanted a hellicopter ride out to the island, but we said no thanks because our boat was coming in 2 minutes.

When our boat arrived we hopped on and the water was so clear on the way out.

But when we got there it was so spectacular to take in that nothing came out of our mouths.

Our cabin is really nice. It’s right over the water and we have a swiming pool too for the scuba diving training.


Dad and myself kayaked out to a sand bar today and we saw….

1. 3 spotted stingrays while we were in the water.

2. 7/8 baracuda.

We kayaked about six km today and when we got back dad had to drink a bottle of coke.

Anyway I have to go eat dinner so see you next time. Bye

Lukoia coffey over and out.

From Chetumal to Belize.

This morning we woke up, got our stuff together and caught a taxi to the bus station to catch a bus to Belize.

It’s so crazy how many people they stuff into the bus.

Dad barely had one butt-cheek on the seat and Helen had old lady sweat dripping slowly down her arm.

When we stopped, we grabbed some burritos and we were off.


On the way we saw a tiny cop van that only had three wheels.


We’re staying at a place called Bella Sombra guest house and they have a very tidy kitchen so…… Dads going to make it a little bit messy by making pasta YUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!!!!


Lukoia coffey over and out.

My life

I FEEL MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!$¢¥€™℅℅°°√|°¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡!


I haven’t been feeling that well this last week, but with the help of a doctor we have found out that I am lacking B-12 vitamins. Some of the signs are……. low energy, persistant cough, and upset belly.

Some of the foods I should have are meat,eggs and dairy.


They are all providing me with B-12 vitamins and foodness of goodness.

After 24 hours of taking 2 B-12 vitamins and eating good amounts of food, I am feeling much better and my cough is nearly gone.


Hey guys, guess what!!! I’m even wrestling with my dad again.

We have been hanging out in a city called Chetumal for the last three days at a nice hotel with a pool and a good movie channel.

Tomorrow we are going to Belize!!!!!!!! On our way to go diving.


Bye see ya


Lukoia coffey over and out.