We’re home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we went over to mums friend CJ’s house and I met her son Eli, he was cool.  We were at Venice Beach playing then we went over to his friends place nextdoor and had a big nerf war with the neighbours kids. We played American football as well and we went boogie boarding with our mums in some biggish waves, it was fun.

Then we got picked up to go to the airport and after 1 more sleep and maybe 4 movies we’ll be home in NZ. Oh and we bumped into our friends from Motueka in the boarding lounge. Louie and his mum Boogie and his uncle Dexter were heading home too. I asked if Louie and I could go into the cockpit together because he really likes planes too. They said sure. Air New Zealand crew are soooo nice and they have the best food on planes and now they have seat chat. So you can send messages on your movie screen to other people sitting on the plane, it’s cool.


Thats when we arrived to Auckland airport.

Ok a couple of movies and a sleep later and now we’re back home in New Zealand.

On the way over I watched

1. The Maze Runner

2. The Hobbit  Unexpected Journey .

We got picked up by our friends Soreya and Braydon and now we’re staying in their nice house in pleasantville. That’s what mum calls Hobsonville because its all new houses. We dropped Braydon off at his school which is pretty cool. The kids are the teachers and the teachers are the students there, and they dont have classrooms just big shared areas.

Anyway I’m seeing friends soon and we’ve got stuff to do so see you later.

Lukoia Coffey.

Over and out and HOME again!

The short blog.

Yesterday we went to the airport and got our plane from Guatemala city to Houston Texas. When we got there we had 1.5 hours and they only had 2 checkout windows open at immigration and we waited 45 minutes to get through there then we had to run to get our bags and then sprint half a mile to catch our flight to L.A. When we got on the plane we heard the captain say ” we have to wait another 15 minutes to get clearance on the runway and we have 2 late bags coming on board.  That was ours,  luckily.

We saw these cool guys at the airport (above)

When we got to L.A we had to wait a long time for the shuttle. We waited so long until mum got over waiting, so we caught an expensive taxi to the house in Santa Monica and then had dinner and went straight to bed. Today we’re going out with mums friends which will be fun.


Lukoia Maya Coffey over and out.

Sleeping over at Lucas’s awesome place

This weekend I went over to Lucas’s house and stayed for 2 nights.
It was awesome fun, he loves cooking so we made

1.chocolate mouse pie

2.chocolate raisin cinnamon rolls

3.chicken soup

4.coco chip pie

5.chai tea

6.grilled chicken with spices.

7. blue cheese popcorn

We also built a forgery out of adobe today and I made an awesome sword.

What we did was…

1. Heated up metal in our awesome fire pit that we made out of mud and hay, we used wood of course for the fire, a metre long metal pipe and a hair dryer.

Lucas made a copper chicken hook thing for roasting chickens above the fire and I made a sword, at least tried to…..

This was us at El Dragon


Anyways I have to go now, because our mums said we could have another sleepover. YES! But of course I have to do this blog before I am allowed.

So thats it, done!

This is what our mums get when we can stay longer together.

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

I’ll upload more photos soon

Our day.

Yesterday we went to a Natural park and it had a huge jumping platform for jumping into the lake. It looked cool, but we didn’t do it because there’s so much algae in the lake right now and its not that healthy for swimming in.


This is a really nice mural we saw on the way to dropping off our washing its not quite finished. After that we went back to Lucus’s house for the afternoon art and dance program.


I taught these kids on the street how to use the diablo along the way. My diablo is making lots of new friends.

I sat under a pyramid  for a while because I was not feeling that energised in the morning, so I sat under it for 10 sec and then I was off down the road like a blue rodeo.


Later at the kids programme I did more school work and a workout. We had to do 40 push ups, 40 crunchys, 40 skips without stopping and it was tiring, but also surprisingly excellent.

Me and Lucas played afterwards and made plans for our sleep over tonight and I don’t think it’s going to be a sleep over its going to be a slumber party!

And I found some more new friends.IMG_20150903_124022540



These guys even followed me home.  Mum says I’m like the pied piper with dogs following me everywhere.

The end Lukoia Coffey over and out.


Its a bit sad here at the moment, the lake is covered in algae which looks really bad and its not good for swimming.

Yesterday we went to an after school activity in San Marcos and I met this really cool kid named Lucas and we played for ages after the art class.

In the program we did…


1. Circus. Playing with hula hoops and diablo’s.


2.Fun games like musical chairs with hula hoops.


3.Then we did arts and crafts. We drew posters and played twister.

4. Singing with action songs in spanish. Lucas was my translator.


Lucas has an awesome place to live and he’s a great friend and he has 9 dogs And 4 cats at his house.

And he likes to play pool. I’m going over to his house today after he’s finished doing his home schooling. I can’t wait. But first we’re going on the boat to Panahachel to do some shopping. I hope I find the knife that I like.

Here’s another photo of yesterday too at Del Lago looking across to San Pedro volcano….


Lukoia Coffey over and out.

I’m in dogsville, yaaay!!

This is a cool mural on the wall here in San Marcos.

Another really cool thing about San Marcos is that I am surrounded by DOGS here☺ ITS GREAT!!!!!!

Especially since lately I’ve been researching Husky’s and German Shepherd’s because some day when I’m older I’m going to get one.

Last night when mum and I were walking home after dinner I had some left over bread in my pocket because earlier we saw a really starving dog so we found her and in 2 seconds of the bread being on the ground there were already 5 dogs around it.

The next morning when we were having breakfast this big fluffy husky came along and ate my left over jam and butter.


Then this black strong dog escorted us to the main drag which is a path way where we met this guy called Diego and he loves jade because he’s a stone caver.He was telling me about all the different types of jade there are here in Guatemala.



On the way home to Lush we found a nice little friend that liked to bite. He was so cute.


I have to go now because I’m off to find some more doggy friends.


Lukoia Coffey over and out.