A day at Tikal.

Today we woke up at 5:00 am and got a quick breakfast across the road and then got picked up by a van and got driven to Tikal. Tikal is a big mayan city that has been over grown by the jungle.


When we got there, there was literally no one around at all and it was in the middle of the jungle with little stone heads of the pyramids sticking out of the huge jungle trees. We took the road that turned left and walked through the jungle for a while until we got to temple V. We were looking up the staircase and stuff and it said we could’nt climb it, but then we saw a little critter with a white nose and a massive tail.. A white nosed Coatamundi.
Here’s a list of animals we saw…..

1. An oversized ‘crabbit’..something that looked like a cat that roamed the trees, and an oversized rabbit.

2. Heaps of ant trails all over the place that looked like highways.

3. Some really cool looking Parrots.

4. Toucans

5. Howler Monkeys.

6. Butterflies

7. Wild Turkeys

8. Bats

9. Spiders

10. Tube houses of bees

We walked into the main grounds and checked out the two temples there. And then we walked down a small tiny trail to this huge temple. It was so steep to get up. And when we were up there, we could see the width of New Zealand over the rainforest.

We were at the ruins for 8 hours checking out cool things. We were coming back to go to the parking lot and we found this big building. We happened to hike up the side of it and we found a doorway to go inside and we went all the way through the building and then we were wondering where the second floor was.  We found the second floor and the roof had fallen off, but we still walked up there because it was quite a nice view.

When we got down off the building, we walked through the jungle back to the parking lot. We had a coke and a sandwich, looked at the museum quickly, and hopped in the van to go home and get ice creams.

The end

Lukoia coffey over and out.:-)