My friend Fernando

Yesterday I woke up and we got a taxi to Xcacelito which is another cenote right at the beach. Its in a huge nature conservation area and theres heaps of creatures that live there.


We met up my friend Fernando and his family and we played there for along time in the cenote with fish nibbling our feet and then we went and played in the waves at the beach.

There was heaps of seaweed all over the beach and it smelt really strong but we still had fun jumping in the waves.



When we were on the beach there were heaps of white posts everywhere by holes and they said turtles nest “don’t touch”. We saw lots of turtle egg shells lying around in the sand from after they had hatched as well.


After our swim in the ocean we were really itchy so we had a shower and when we were there we saw a mother iguana and her babies hiding in holes in the wall and I touched the big daddy’s tail. It was really spikey and hard.



We went to lots of other cenotes that day and they were all full of local people because it was Sunday which is their family day.




We went back to my favourite one and played there and when it closed we went home and played in the cool room of mama’s home at our hostel.

It was a great day.
The end.

Bye bye

Our day in Tulum

Firstly this was the free breakfast they gave us this morning, everyday it’s different. Today was my favourite chocolate chip pancakes with ice cream and fruit on top. It was the best!



After that we went and hired bikes and rode around Tulum. It felt awesome to ride a bike again because I haven’t riden one for half a year basicly. It was so much cooler than walking literally!!!!



We biked past a sugarcane juicer on top of a painted VW and I saw how they make the juice.

We biked all the way to the Cristal canotez and that was about 10 km and swam in there we also met some other people there.


We all went across the road and went to the other cenote and played there. I used their Go Pro and they filmed me and said they’d send me some photos for my blog.

We had to go because we had to get our bikes back in time. But we saw this guy on the way playing awesome music.

Bye  bye

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

The Crystal Cenote.

Yesterday myself mum and two nice brothers from Germany went to this really cool cenote which is a big hole with water in it.


It had ropes lying in the water and we could sit on them and try to stand up and balance, and a high tower thing to jump off.

There was a big diving board and my friends did summersults off it, it looked awesome.

While we were in there we had scuba divers underneath us and all you could see was silver tanks and bubbles coming up. It got me excited about doing scuba diving in Belize soon.


I also met a nice boy from Spain (who could speak english) he’s staying in a flash hotel down the road. I asked if we could meet up again and play tomorrow and they said yes so we’re going to meet at Xcacelito cenote on Sunday. I cant wait.

After that we went to the other cenote across the highway and it was way deeper and it had a way better rope swing than the other one.

I pushed the brothers in, then they got me back and we had heaps of fun trying to climb up the rock walls and falling in the water. It was great.

I can’t really think of any thing else so I’m just going to say I’m really exited to go scuba diving soon?!!!!?!?!!!!


Oh yeah I’ve been practising doing backwards bull whips with my diablo and im getting really good at them. Yesterday mum brought a hacky sack for us to play with as well, so I think by the time were back home we’ll know some tricks with that too. o😆😈😆😈:evil:😆😬😅:D:D😂😂😁😨😂😁

Lukoia out and over.

After Camp

After camp we stayed at Tracy’s parents house in Charlotte and I got to drive in a Porche with Barry when we went to get pizza for dinner. It was so smooth and fast. I want one!


The next morning mum and I missed the plane to Albany which was a bummer, but we got the next flight afterwards. This photo is of me waiting at the airport. So we flew to Washington DC and saw the white house and then flew to Albany in New York to see dad that I haven’t seen or talked to for 2 months and 3 weeks.


At grandma and grandpa’s house we went to the ice skating rink and dad tried to teach me a few tricks on the ice, it was really awesome!!!!?!!

1 day after the first icy day at the rink dad went to an ice hockey game and he kicked butt, he was so ggooooooooooooooooòoooooooooooooooooooood. I loved watching, but it was cold in there.


Anyway we kind of just hung around and chilled out for the rest of the time up there. It was nice to be back there again. We played a bit of tennis and swam in the neighbours pool.One night we all went out for dinner, which was really good and funny because they thought it was my birthday so they brought me out a big peice of chocolate cake. Yum!


I played everyone some of the new tunes that I learnt at camp.

On the way to Mexico on the plane I was allowed to go into the cockpit of the plane and talk with the pilots.


But now I’m in Mehico/Mexico in an air con room enjoying myself with my mum cos its so hot outside.
Were staying in a really cool place with nice people and colourful paintings all over the walls. I like it.



Lukoia Coffey out and over the wall see ya.

My month at camp.


For the first two weeks I was in Manders B and Cabin 24 with some kids called… Porter, Dialo, Jake, Ignacio, Elias, Gorge/Horhey.
My councillors names were J’Rad and Drew.


272852122 This is Dialo he was a really cool guy, we called him chocolate and Porter vanilla ice.

These are some of the things I loved the most at camp. Horse back riding, skating, riflery, mountain boarding and playing at the waterfront in free time.




Other cool things were rock climbing, archery, fencing and playing gator ball.


We did heaps of extra fun things like white water rafting and paint balling with the whole of Manders B. I shot Jessie (our head councillor) 5 times in the back of the neck and he got me back in the wrong place down below and on my belly.I had bruises for the rest of the week. Ouch!



One day they gave us hundreds of cans of shaving foam and this happened. It was the cleanest we ever got at camp.

The food was real tasty and we had deserts after lunch and dinner everyday.


Sometimes our councillors did crazy cool things like making our showers into a night club. They sprayed glowstick juice all over the walls and turned out the lights and had music playing really loud at night. They were awesome.


This was cabin day when we all go out and camp in the woods.



This was at campfire night where we all sing songs and I got awarded my paddle from Alfred.


Lots of us had fun at the rock slides, and playing at the waterfront on the diving boards. I did back flips alot and huge jumps.

So that was my epic month at Camp Carolina. Im totally going back next year cos its so awesome!

Lukoia coffey over and out.

Camp Carolina

Hi everyone, if you want to see photos of what Lukoia’s doing at camp, check out the Camp Carolina website. Click on summer photos. The password is whataday and hes in the Manders group in main session.

They also have a facebook page where you can see all the activities that go on here at camp.



I want to be a kid again to enjoy it all, mean while Lukoia’s having a blast!

From Mama Kahu


Summer camp and other things.

The night before last we watched this movie called Second hand Lion it’s an old one, but it was still pretty cool. There were lots of old American cars in it and these two old guys that went fishing with shotguns. I liked it, they were funny. Mum and grandma liked the music in it too.

Lately we’ve been playing more tennis and yesterday I got whipped by one of the neighbours kids down at the tennis court and mum did too. Getting a ball whizzing through the air at you really fast is kind of scarey.

After that we played at our friends house on their air hockey table and I practiced juggling out side. Their dog is really funny too because when ever it comes up to a lady it pees on them and it’s a crack up.


Just yesterday grandpa and I went and brought a double screw head screw and we finished the sword and this is what it looks like…..


It’s really well balanced.

This is mums birthday cake that grandma and I put together and it tasted so good….


This morning I went looking at the garage sale and I found a snowboard and the really nice people there let me have it for free, I’m so exited to get home and use it.

But also when I went into there garage I saw his hardly Davidson motor bike and they gave me a ride around the block and also let me ride and mow their grass on a ride on mower. It was so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*£££ !!!!!!)’&¥€/:¥€/:%;_;%=€! ¥€!!!????!!!!?

Yesterday we went to the airport and as soon as we got there they said the flight was cancelled, so we went home and spent another night with grandma and grandpa. We played Uno .

I won’t be doing blogs for around 2 weeks because I’ll be at summer camp. I’ll tell you about it when I get out.

Baseball and building things with grandpa


Batter up!
This morning grandpa taught mum and myself how to play baseball, it was so funny trying to hit the ball…..we got better at it by the end.
I’d like to bring a baseball home to NZ and start playing it at school next year. Anyway it was really fun and after that we went to the tennis court and I have to say we’re getting better at that too…which is good.


When we got home I asked grandpa if we could go down into his workshop and make something out of wood. I decided I’d like to make a sword, and I’m loving it.
So today we cut out the shape of it and then I sanded it by hand until it was as smooth as an eel. We’re going to use some nice wood to make a handle on it and tomorrow we’ll finish working on it, then I’ll oil it.


If its not too big we might be able to post it back home to NZ in the package of jackets (my leather jacket from Germany and my camo jacket from the USA) when we send it.

Also today we were going to go ice skating too but sadly the rink was closed for repairs which was a bummer. But next time when we come back after summer camp it’ll be open so I’ll be able to go with my dad and Helen as well as mum.

This is my grand parents back yard.



See you next time bye…

I’m really exited about the sword its going to be awesome.


Lukoia Coffey……

Schenectady and playing tennis

Hi guys we’ve been playing tennis lately at the tennis court down the road and we are totally….sucky at it!!!!!!!!!

But at least today we were less sucky than yesterday.


We went for a walk around the area and checked out the pond close by after that. My dad and his brothers used to go ice skating on it every winter when they were kids. There were heaps of frogs in it.


When we came back from tennis we jumped in the pool and floated around on lilo’s for a while.
I thought it was really nice that the neighbours let us use their tennis rackets and swim in their pool.

It was also good of grandpa to let us take his truck for a while, we went for a drive around the area I liked it so much I couldn’t get out.

Its BIG!!!!, it’s STRONG!!!! and most of all we drove on the wrong side of the road (compared to NZ)

That shall be all for today see you next time 😅😆😆😆😄

The end

Lukoia Coffey over and out.