The Coffey family reunion.


Anyway let me tell you about the family reunion we went to. These are my grandparents Pete and Ann Coffey they’re awesome!

Firstly right beside the plaza hotel where we stayed, was this huge park, with swan boats and lots of big trees. The hotel had more than 1000 rooms and 15 floors which we loved exploring in the elevators, there were 6 of them.

Our room was on the 10th floor and one morning I woke up and looked out the window and saw a huge crane lifting big flower pots up into the roof of the buiding next door to us, it looked really cool.


Anyways back to the park, there were heaps of squirrels there and my cousins and I tried to make a squirrel trap but it didn’t work because we didn’t build it right and all the squirrels weren’t interested. There was one squirrel that liked me and when I fed it, the little guy sat on the tree right in front of me and took the chips from my hand. The squirrels here are so cute, I’d love to have one as a pet.


The last day we were there we went on a cruise around the harbour on a really fancy boat (thats Boston city in the back ground) This is what we got up to on the boat….playing, eating, laughing and running around. It was great fun.


That night back at the hotel when everyone was having dinner we made a whole lot of paper planes and ran around the second floor flying them down into the lobby,  it was so much fun. We had a big play fight with my cousins their names were Leo. Koele, Nicholas, Matao and Dan. The family reunion was so awesome I want it to happen again so I can play a lot more with my cousins. Hopefully I’ll get to see them again in America or maybe they’ll come to visit us in NZ. That’d be super cool.


Oh by the way this is the new camo jacket that I just got from my grandma. Can you see me? It works pretty well aye.

The end

Lukoia Coffey over and out……..

< and who ever has some cool photos of the coffey family reunion plese send them to my mum so she can post them on here. THANX.


Hey guys we’re in America now! Boston actually. This photo was on our way to the hotel in the subway. It was pretty loud and windy in there when the trains were coming.

2015-06-19 06.30.54

Now we’re at our nice hotel and ive got a huge bed all to myself with heaps of pillows and a massive flat screen tv! Its great. We’re just out of the city and today we’re going to the family reunion and I’ll tell you all about it when I get back to grandma and grandpa’s afterwards because I won’t be blogging for 2 days maybe.

This afternoon we meet with the whole Coffey family and we’re going to Fenway Park which is the famous baseball stadium of the Red Sox and it’s going to be awesome.

I’m really looking forwards to meeting all my family except dad won’t be there so that’s a bummer but it’s still going to be fun to see my cousins again.

Did you know that I’m going to Mexico next month, and I’m going to do scuba diving in Belize. That’s what I’m most excited about on this whole trip.

Tomorrow I think we’re going on a river cruise on a really flash boat and it’s going to be so cool that I have to say good bye now.

See you after the short break.Bye.

Lukoia Coffey over and out.