Leaving Germany

This morning we got up and drove 1.5 hrs to the airport which was in Frankfurt city. On the way we talked about what our best and worst things in Germany were. My favourite things were the castles and the worst things were traffic jams on the autobahn. Because I wanted to go fast !!! When we got to check in for our flight today the computer denied mums entry. It sucked!  Because we had to wait for ages while the lady tried to sort it out,  I was worried that we’d miss our flight because it was getting pretty close to boarding time. So mum asked the lady to give us special assistance and she did. She walked us all the way through all the security checks and we were at our gate in no time. It was great!

Bye Tom, thanks for taking us to awesome places and teaching me cool things. See you in NZ when we get back hopefully.

Now we’re flying over the ocean and mum said I had to do my blog before I could watch another movie. I’ve already watched Chappie and now I’m watching dog with a blog. Its cool. Anyway bye.

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

Last day in Germany

Yesterday was our last day in Germany and we spent it with alot of driving around and being in a big city. We went to a homeopath who did kinesiology (muscle testing) on mum and me. The lady said my body wasn’t doing very well with wheat and it would be best not to eat it, and mum shouldn’t have milk but cheese is ok.

After that was all over we went up this high hill and checked out Frankenstein’s castle! It had such an amazing view, you could see the tallest buildings  in Europe from there.


There was a telescope that I paid 1€ to use, but it was a rip off because it only went for 2 minutes. But here’s some photos of the castle.




Then we had our last dinner by the fire and we ate bratwursts and they were really tasty.
We started saying our goodbyes to Tom,  he’s a really good guy and both of us are going to miss him alot. As well as that, we don’t know when we’ll see him again. Hopefully back in NZ.

Lukoia Coffey over and out. I think he was happy. :D;)

Super cool summer sledging!

Yesterday I did a bit more work on building the couch with Tom, so now it’s finished.

7D9GOfDZygcC_Yv3sZ1G0Fq427-D9C_MhEKr8LJu4j4 Later on we went to this place where they do summer sledgeing, its on a rail track and you sit in a cart with brakes and if you push them forwards you go faster and if you let go of them you stop. It’s alot like the Luge in Rotorua and Queenstown.


The track was pretty cool with loopdeloops everywhere and it even went over a main road.


We went down a couple of jumps and around lots of sharp corners and then you’d get pulled back up the hill on a cable and you could watch other people going down the track as you came up. When you get to the top you’d jump out and go back to the station to get more rides.

I went down the track 7 times and mum and Tom went down twice. Each time I went down I’d go faster!!!!!! AND WITHOUT USING MY BRAKES. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! SOo that was yesterday.

Oh yeah I’m going to see my grandma and grandpa the day after tomorrow. I haven’t been to there house in 7 years and I’m really excited to be going there again and especially to see my cousins again and go to summer camp too.


When we got home, Tom’s friends Peter and Phena (who are arborists) came over with their climbing gear so I could go up this huge tree in our back yard.


It’s the highest tree in the neighbourhood, and man was it awesome to go up it. I hauled my own body weight up with this very clever thing that was like a vice gripper on the rope.


Bye bye see you in Boston.


Lukoia Coffey over and out.

Burning fluffy trees and castle climbing

When we woke up yesterday, myself and mum were a little bit tired and had no energy. Mum thinks its because our bodies are adjusting to eating so much bread and cheese. So Tom took us driving and he took us to this place up on top of a hill. We went walking through beach forest and heres what came into sight….but sadly it was all closed up. We climbed up onto the wall, and I really wanted to go in…. but of course we didnt and especially because we saw CC TV cameras inside.


It’s called Alsbacher Schloss. Next we went here.



This is the butchers shop in a little village near to us. The bratwurst sausage is my favorite.

Dose any one know what’s hanging from the top shelf?????? Write in your comments.

We’ve been trying heaps of different cheeses too and my favourite is the Austrien one.


And this is when we drove down a forest road to see the view all the way across to France…..


This is what they have at the bottom of walking tracks. Its called Kneipp therapy. Its a pool that you have to walk around in like a stork 3 times after youve finished hiking and it is good for your heart. Then you have to put your boots bavk on when your feet are still wet. And it feels great and a bit crazy.

Oh and this is what falls down from the big Poplar tree outside. Its like cotton and the other day me and Tom gathered it up and set fire to it. I hope you can see the movie. When mum uploads it.

This will be the end of my blog so snap you next time.


Lukoia Coffey over and out. Enjoying Germany.

A day on the Tromm. Charcoal and Iron Ore and other things.

Yesterday we had quite a large breakfast, more like a brunch so it would last the whole day until late afternoon and then we went to one of Tom’s friends places. They had a really beautiful dog as big as a wolf and it was so fun playing with her because it was like she was the bowling ball and I was the pins,  which meant I couldn’t really stand up on the front lawn because she would bowl me over. It was great fun. Later on I learnt that she didn’t used to be good with kids, but for some reason her and I got on really well. I’m really looking forward to having my own dog one of these days when we get back home to NZ.

Anyways after that we went to another of Toms friends places. This guy is called Hans and his place is so MASSIVE! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

His grandfathers lived here and had alot of old machinery that doesnt work now, so Hans got it made into cool fences. Its pretty good recycling I thought.
He has horses and cattle that are called beef cattle because they don’t produce milk for drinking, so he waits until their older and  then……that’s the end of them sadly.

We went down to the cattle and we stood there watching the little cute baby calves following their mothers around.


They’ve got alot of land on their farm which isnt that common in Germany,this was me walking on a pile of broken roof tiles. It made a cool sound that i liked.

We had a big feast later for dinner and I played chess with mum and absolutely WON!!!!?!?!? and also I won against Tom as well.


I made this deal with Hans that when I come back to Germany in my life, I must visit him. He was a really great guy.A bit like Santa Clauss.

I think I’ve wrote enough now, so see you next time because I really need to a peeeeee! !
Enjoy the photos of our day.

Oh yeah i forgot….We also went up into the forest to a mine site to see how they make charcoal and extract iron out of iron ore to make tools.

This is the burn pile they set up to make the charcoal.

This is the raw iron ore


This is measuring out equal parts of charcoal and iron ore to put in the furnace.

This is the furnace.

This is a really complicated sign about whats going on. And it was in German which makes it even harder to understand.

But we had fun and it was really interesting, and very scientific. I hope you can understand it from the photos. I thought the charcoal pile was pretty cool (actually really hot) and now I understand how charcoal’s made. It really takes a lot to make it, so dont waste it.

😆😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 THE END 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

Things that have a purpose.

Yesterday myself and Tom went up on the roof and we cleaned all the tiles with brooms and replaced the broken tiles with new ones. The cool thing is we found an apple tree in the gutter and we named  it Lukoia and put it in Tom’s garden with some good really good soil. I hope it survives and grows well here.


I learnt from Tom how to get sugar from aphids and they tasted really good, you squish them and then you lick your fingers. That’s kind of cool. I’ve actually been learning alot from him about bugs and creatures and wood and heaps of other stuff too. He’s always telling us about the history of this place and I think he’s really happy that we’re here so he can show us his homelands.


We’re going to build a fold up couch in the next few days and it’s going to be really fun using the joinery saw and connecting all the bits together, that’s what Tom’s really good at, doing joinery.

IMG_20150612_165431871 This is a cool Japanese saw, it works really well.

There’s been alot of technical difficulties happening lately with mum and I and this blog. I just want to know if your guys and lady’s are still interested in my blog because mum’s been saying that you wont be if I dont write interesting stuff. Is that true???

Answer in the comments below. And sorry that I haven’t been replying to any comments lately. I just want to get this blog over and done with and then go out and do cool things.

Oh yeah the other day we went to these pools and I loved the hydro slide.
And also since its so liht in the morning I’ve been waking up at 5am, so this is what I get up to until the others wake up.

IMG_20150610_074510178 making card houses.

When I get back to NZ I’m going to make a floating soccer field and a floating boxing arena, and maybe an abandoned floating house with creepy stuff in it and a fold up couch made out of pellets too. No, actually we’re just about to go and start the mission of making something now.

Any way I don’t want to waste any more time so see ya later.

BON voyage


Lukoia Coffey swimming and missing my friends and traveling the world with my family over and out. I think he was happy to have a hand today.

Roman Castles and medieval times

Last night we went to the supermarket to get some food and we saw this machine that gives you money for recycling all your glass and plastic bottles. Its great!  We got 16.78 Euro back for recycling our bottles, so we went and brought more sparkling mineral water.


Now its morning time and its our 3rd day here. We’re just about to go up on top of Tom’s roof to clean it with brooms and cut down a dead tree to get the hanging vines off the roof as well.


Its good to be having a home day because this place is really cool.


A photo Tom took of Mum inside the big barn. It was pretty freaky climbing around in there with all the cobwebs and hiding wild cats. Underneath is a huge scarey cellar too, with dark little rooms off to the side. Freaky!


Its an old farm with huge sheds and barns and it’s a bit overgrown, so we’re doing lots of ‘boy stuff’ like weed wacking and cutting lots of things to get it all cleaned up. Then we’re going to have a big fire one of these nights and invite some of his friends over for dinner and to play music outside.



This is an old over grown silo, we climbed right up to the top of it.

These are some of the records that have been broken since I’ve been here in Germany.

1. I’ve had the best eggs and strawberries that I’ve ever eaten here.

2. I’ve been in a car going 197 Km per hour on the autobahn highway.

3.  I’ve been into my first castle ever. And we’re going to explore Frankenstein’s castle this week.


5. I’ve seen the biggest bull ever in my life here.

6. I’ve seen my first windmill ever, and been up close inside it.

7. I’ve got my first leather jacket.

This guy Udo gave it to me yesterday. It used to be his sons but it doesn’t fit him any more so he gave it to me. Its awesome and so warm and it makes crunchy leathery sounds when I walk. Its cool.

Anyway about the castle, we went to this Romen castle yesterday and I got this souvenir…..
it’s a gold coin like the ones they used to use back then.


The Romans were so smart they had under floor heating made from channels of hot water. They also had bath houses (like big hot pools) and saunas which they would of loved after a big day out in the battle field.


I learnt alot about the Roman people, and also the Germans. The local German (bush people) out smarted them in the forests around here (Oldenwald) because they knew them like the back of there hands. They would dig holes behind trees and cover them with something like a leafy trap door (hatch) Then they would ambush the romans and take off and run back to their hiding places behind trees and under their bush covered hatches and be gone, totally disappeared. I reckon that’s pretty cool and I want to build some hide away huts like that when I get back home to NZ.

In the castle they had big catapults that could fire things over 300 meters from the castle walls. They also had cross bows and all sorts of other weaponry that they made from iron and wood.

I learnt that oak wood is really hard and lasts a really long time.  They were very clever people and invented so many cool things. I liked seeing how they built bridges, houses, castles and weapons and everything they did was actually really smart.


After that we went to this old medieval village outdoor museum place. And Wow!


It was like we stepped back in time. All the buildings were made so long ago, they had old windmills and water wheel houses. A power station, a phone company building and they had people there showing you how everything worked. I got to use the old phones and see how the clickers worked, that was after the days when the operator plugged in the switches. We checked out the old kitchens and saw how they made butter and cheese, and the graineries and their flour mills.


And their workshops and how they made their shoes.


They had a transport area with trains and old cars, they had animals there that they kept just like in the olden days. They had gardens growing around their houses and everything looked really real, just like it used to. The kids bedrooms had a potty under the beds and it showed the ladies looms that they made all the clothes on. There was so much to see that we couldn’t even get all the way around and lots of the houses and buildings got closed because we were the last ones to leave. But that’s OK because we had awesome fun.

Anyway I have to go now and break some more records like going 200 km with our neighbour in his flash car. Nah just joking.


By the way his car is a Volts Wagon and far out its fast! But the funny thing was it didnt even feel like we were going that fast. Nothing even changed outside because all the other cars were going around the same speed beside us. Everyone just drives super fast, not crazy and out of control  just alot faster. Its awesome. I love it. I took this photo on the way to the castle and I thought that we were going fast then, but on the way home, there wasn’t as much traffic so he went even faster but mums camera battery had died so I couldn’t take another photo. Oh well.

Mum will be uploading photos for all these posts now because we haven’t had any good Internet connection for ages. That’s why all these blogs have been saved as drafts and getting published now. Sorry about that.

Ka kite ano BYE BYE


Lukoia Coffey over and out.


Today it was our first day in Germany and we went for a walk first thing in the morning and it was way different  to any of the other country’s we’ve been to, it’s so quiet on the roads, and there’s so many trees and it’s really green.


But when you go on the highway – the Great European Autobahn it’s alot louder because some people are cruising at 230 km an hour and more!!!! This is the home of alot of fancy fast cars of the world, so maybe that’s why they don’t have a speed limit. So they can go really really fast! Its wow!!!


The house that we’re staying in with Tom hasn’t had any one live in it for 2 years and got built when white settlers first came to NZ. Its about 170 years old, and alot of the furniture and things inside it are still the same. There’s lots of old farm machinery and other cool stuff too. Like an old pirate gun and machetes and viking horns, aviation goggles and a native American Indian bow and arrows. The guy who owns this place has travelled the world heaps collecting all kinds of awesome things.


Anyway we had a walk to town this morning and it felt really nice to have a hoody, a vest and boots on. The boots were my favorite thing to wear, in fact I’m wearing them right now. Its a nice change to always being in jandels. Anyway, I said I like these boots to mum like 10 times in the course of 1 minute.


We walked into the closest little village about half an hour away to get some fruit. Guess what we got? Apples from New Zealand, they were probably grown in Motueka. They tasted like home so of course they tasted really good.


Then we came home and got to work washing all the windows and floor of the whole house to see if Tom would notice it when he came home. I’ll tell you if he does notice it in the next blog because mum and myself are going for another walk. See ya


SEE YA LATER!!!!! (don’t forget your toilet paper.)

😅😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 THE END 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

Lukoia Coffey…. over and out.