My day at Zions.

We moved places and it was pretty hard when we had to move all the bags because they were all really heavy and made the motor bike wobbley. After that, we went to Zions place and at first we got annoyed at each other and then we invented the bear hug and that made it all alot easier. We moved from dolphin house to a big tower house down the road and it has a pool too so I’m happy.

Today I’m having a hard blog time because the “computer” is doing really weird things and it’s so annoying.

Any way I was telling you about Zion and stuff.


1. Got there on mums motorbike.  (with mum)

2. Watched a movie. (Ice age 4)

3. Went swimming with him and his other friend.

4. Got annoyed at each other.    (Like never wanted to see each other again.)

5. Called my mum to come by and pick me up in a few hours.

6. Got UNannoyed at each other. ( invented the bear hug)

7. Mum came to pick me up.      (We asked if we could have a sleep over that night.)

8. Mum said no you can have a sleep over on Saturday.

9. We hid from mum and then we went home and said good bye.

Had dinner at Clear cafe and I had a choco matrix and mum filmed me doing this.

Sorry we had to split the film in half to upload it.

And that was my day at Zions. Now if you would exuse me I’m going to jump in our new pool.



Lukoia Coffey over and out.

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  1. supp!!! lukoia! im mising ya hows life
    ok shit or awsome! And i am not geting your repliys hari d’hont over and out yolo

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