My life

I FEEL MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!$¢¥€™℅℅°°√|°¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!¡!¡!


I haven’t been feeling that well this last week, but with the help of a doctor we have found out that I am lacking B-12 vitamins. Some of the signs are……. low energy, persistant cough, and upset belly.

Some of the foods I should have are meat,eggs and dairy.


They are all providing me with B-12 vitamins and foodness of goodness.

After 24 hours of taking 2 B-12 vitamins and eating good amounts of food, I am feeling much better and my cough is nearly gone.


Hey guys, guess what!!! I’m even wrestling with my dad again.

We have been hanging out in a city called Chetumal for the last three days at a nice hotel with a pool and a good movie channel.

Tomorrow we are going to Belize!!!!!!!! On our way to go diving.


Bye see ya


Lukoia coffey over and out.

2 thoughts on “My life”

  1. Sooooooo glad you are feeling better! Niiiiiiice to see you up and about again! love to you all,

  2. Yeah that’s AWWWWWEEESOME that your feeling better! Do you know what happened once I left Bacalar Lagoon? I got sick with the same thing you had….I think it came on from the freezing cold air conditioning in the buses. ARRRRRHHHH!

    And heres a something funny for you to know……the pills that you and I were taking everyday over the last month were B-12, VIT C, and Omega 3. So you’ve been dozing up on just the right things, even before knowing it. I love how that happens. X x

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