The beachy weekend

Last weekend we went to stay with our friends at Caangu beach. We stayed the night at this cool place called Serenity which was all built out of bamboo and recycled milk cartons and news paper. They had lots of gardens and a huge pool! (Concrete of course! )



The next day I went motor cross riding with Cashey, (my new friend he’s 10 as well) he had all the gears like helmets, pants, boots, knee pads, armour, elbow pads, gloves, and even a liver protector. Mum didnt come with us, cos it was just a boys mission so theres no photos to show you. Anyway Cashey has a 110cc Scorpion motorbike which was really different to my motorbike. It still went pretty fast but it didnt have the same feeling, and I didn’t really trust it going around corners because the tyres had more grip and I’m used to bald tyres. So I can slip in the mud and slide around corners. We had time trials down this little dirt road, Adam had the stopwatch and I beat Cashey by one second!

Then we¬†played soccer on the beach with Cash and his mates and all the kids here are into playing with these things. But I can’t remember the name of them.


After that we came home and he showed me all these movies that his brother made with his GoPro. They were really cool, especially the surf movies when waves go over top of you and all the under water stuff. I’ve always said I wanted a Gopro so that’s what I’m saving for. I want the Gopro Hero 3.


After that we said goodbye to our friends at the beach (sadly… cos I loved it at the beach and wanted to stay longer.) When we got back to Ubud we went back to Dolphin House and jumped in the pool and then went to my new friend Kavi’s house. His house is a big community on the side of a hill in the jungle, its got a great pool down 185 steps at the bottom near the river. My other friend Jayia was there as well so we played in the pool the whole time and threw sticks and stones at each other (which didn’t break our bones)


Jayia came back to our house afterwards and I made her an inhalation because she had a cold and was sneezing heaps. And then we met up with her mum at the restaurant for dinner….and I stole heaps of sugar for my survival kit that I’m making.

The survival kits got 25 toothpicks in it 3 packs of sugar, a bunch of tissues and money and some other first aid things.