Our day.

Yesterday we went to a Natural park and it had a huge jumping platform for jumping into the lake. It looked cool, but we didn’t do it because there’s so much algae in the lake right now and its not that healthy for swimming in.


This is a really nice mural we saw on the way to dropping off our washing its not quite finished. After that we went back to Lucus’s house for the afternoon art and dance program.


I taught these kids on the street how to use the diablo along the way. My diablo is making lots of new friends.

I sat under a pyramid  for a while because I was not feeling that energised in the morning, so I sat under it for 10 sec and then I was off down the road like a blue rodeo.


Later at the kids programme I did more school work and a workout. We had to do 40 push ups, 40 crunchys, 40 skips without stopping and it was tiring, but also surprisingly excellent.

Me and Lucas played afterwards and made plans for our sleep over tonight and I don’t think it’s going to be a sleep over its going to be a slumber party!

And I found some more new friends.IMG_20150903_124022540



These guys even followed me home.  Mum says I’m like the pied piper with dogs following me everywhere.

The end Lukoia Coffey over and out.

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  1. Hi there! Soon you and Mom will be on your way north; and it seems you will be leaving behind quite a few new friends – many of them dogs! Miss you lots…it seems like forever ago that you visited us…safe travels as you journey on, hugs and love. Grandma and Grandpa C.

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