Sleeping over at Lucas’s awesome place

This weekend I went over to Lucas’s house and stayed for 2 nights.
It was awesome fun, he loves cooking so we made

1.chocolate mouse pie

2.chocolate raisin cinnamon rolls

3.chicken soup

4.coco chip pie

5.chai tea

6.grilled chicken with spices.

7. blue cheese popcorn

We also built a forgery out of adobe today and I made an awesome sword.

What we did was…

1. Heated up metal in our awesome fire pit that we made out of mud and hay, we used wood of course for the fire, a metre long metal pipe and a hair dryer.

Lucas made a copper chicken hook thing for roasting chickens above the fire and I made a sword, at least tried to…..

This was us at El Dragon


Anyways I have to go now, because our mums said we could have another sleepover. YES! But of course I have to do this blog before I am allowed.

So thats it, done!

This is what our mums get when we can stay longer together.

Lukoia Coffey over and out.

I’ll upload more photos soon