The dive zon£

This morning we woke up and we were all excited to finally be going to the diving place.

We packed our bags straight away and we were walking off down the street towards the place where we got picked up by the boat.

The place that we got picked up at was a fancy hotel and a guy walked past and asked if we wanted a hellicopter ride out to the island, but we said no thanks because our boat was coming in 2 minutes.

When our boat arrived we hopped on and the water was so clear on the way out.

But when we got there it was so spectacular to take in that nothing came out of our mouths.

Our cabin is really nice. It’s right over the water and we have a swiming pool too for the scuba diving training.


Dad and myself kayaked out to a sand bar today and we saw….

1. 3 spotted stingrays while we were in the water.

2. 7/8 baracuda.

We kayaked about six km today and when we got back dad had to drink a bottle of coke.

Anyway I have to go eat dinner so see you next time. Bye

Lukoia coffey over and out.

One thought on “The dive zon£”

  1. Wow it looks awesome!!!! you’re gonna have sooooo much fun there. Just make sure to tell the dive people if yr ears start hurting, yet I’m sure they won’t and you’ll be absolutley fine….take some under water photos with yr camera so we can see what you look like in all the gears! Who knows….this could be the start of some fantastic career…. you always said you wanted to do marine/nature stuff….. enjoy x x x

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