The night dive.

Last night we went out on a boat and got anchored and then we jumped feet first into blackness.

We had torches and we turned them on before jumping in but I was still very nervous.

But when we jumped in I sank right to the bottom with no problems at all with my ears.

While we were down there we saw……


1 octopuss.

2 eels

Heaps of fish and some massive crabs about 1 meter wide.

Here’s a video of Dad and me spearing lion fish.



Oh and were staying here for another 2 days relaxing for Guatemala.


I have to go eat lunch so yum yum yum.


Yum yum.


Lukoia coffey over and out.

One thought on “The night dive.”

  1. Wow soooo cool to see you swimming around down there under the ocean. The night dive sounded amazing too! I would have been nervous too. Was it hard to spear fish? I mean kill them? Especially after swimming around so freely with them. X x

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