The short blog.

Yesterday we went to the airport and got our plane from Guatemala city to Houston Texas. When we got there we had 1.5 hours and they only had 2 checkout windows open at immigration and we waited 45 minutes to get through there then we had to run to get our bags and then sprint half a mile to catch our flight to L.A. When we got on the plane we heard the captain say ” we have to wait another 15 minutes to get clearance on the runway and we have 2 late bags coming on board.  That was ours,  luckily.

We saw these cool guys at the airport (above)

When we got to L.A we had to wait a long time for the shuttle. We waited so long until mum got over waiting, so we caught an expensive taxi to the house in Santa Monica and then had dinner and went straight to bed. Today we’re going out with mums friends which will be fun.


Lukoia Maya Coffey over and out.

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  1. So glad you arrived in Long Beach (finally) and with your bags too Happy Weekend!
    love to you and Mum…Grandma and Grandpa C.

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