The story of blog stuff even though this doesn’t have any thing to do with that.

Yesterday we went to Jayia’s place and I went for a walk in the rice paddy’s and over this really rickety bridge. Then we went along this little pathway that leads to a bigger concrete pathway on the other side of the rice paddy’s where the vines grow, so we could have some shade because it was pretty hot. We mucked around down there for ages, talking and sharing our great ideas about the future. Then we went back to Jayia’s  place and thought of some more ideas for the rescue animal thing that were doing . Sadly Jayia was sick so it took a little while for us to think of some ideas. After that we went to the place called Soma and had a look and a play with the instruments there, and it was really really really really fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!  it was really fun. We strolled around town and checked out some shops, I really liked this awesome instrument shop. They had hugs there, they were they 9 million rupees! Wow thats a lot, and its a copy of the real one.


After that we saw Dan and his mates and we showed them the best chocolate mousse in town. Sadly they were all out of chocolate mousse and we had to get some from down the road we were very dumb minded 2 get 1 for each of us because they were so sweet and afterwards I was bouncing off the walls literally. And then we all went home and my sugar rush slowly ran out and I slept like a log.

Today we are going to go to Jayia’s and maybe have a sleepover which would be so fun but I have to finish my blog so I’m going to finish it buy making you guys read this little lola lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lala lol lol lala lala lala lala la palma lol, hello, hello, daytime, no time, my time, night time, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Oh and we saw this in town on our way home. It was the start of a ceremony parade. I would have liked to be the kid on top.

See you tomorrow, hasta luego. Bye bye.


Lukoia Coffey, sleeping over, biking and NOT swimming cos of my ear and missing my friends and travelling the world with my family. Over and out. I think he was happy too. He he he.