The strawberry pear….

The strawberry pear is another name for dragon fruit and so is pitaya. They belong to the cactus family and it is native to Mexico, but grows in other tropical countries around the world. It is a moon flower type of cactus which means that it only blooms at night.


We were at a local market in Pai when I came across the dragon fruit stall. I knew I wanted to try one!!!!!!!! So I bought one for $1 NZ. Here’s me taking my first bite….






I think it was really good judging by my face in the last photo.


6 thoughts on “The strawberry pear….”

  1. Well, what did it taste like, besides good? And Grandpa wants to know since the flowers are night bloomers are their pollinators bats, or moths or…dragons?

  2. Ha ha your sooooo funny Koia. Have you tried many other tropical fruits? Can you name a few….the yummy ones of course. Found any lichee’s yet? They’re way better than the ones out of a can!

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