The TOROFLUX!!!!!!

Yesterday we went on an adventure on the motorbike up around the back roads of Ubud. It was really cool because there’s so many temples everywhere you look. At the entrance way to each temple there happens to be a dog at nearly all of them, lying down sleeping. Its a crack up! For lunch we went on a mission into the rice paddies to find this organic restaurant, and I ate the best giant spring rolls in my life.

We parked our scoopy motorbike and walked most of the way up these little pathways. This is what we saw…..lots of rice, at all different heights and more rice! There were flocks of ducks munching in the mud where the rice had been cut down too.





I never knew what rice plants looked like, here’s a photo when the plants fully grown.¬†After it’s grown they harvest it and when its dry a guy beats the bunches against the ground and all the grains fall out onto a tarp. It must take heaps of plants to make one sack of rice, and a lot of time.

We also checked out the gardens, (this is a rice paddy look out tower) we saw that they keep cows in pens (which I thought was pretty mean) but at least they feed them well, then they can collect their poo and make lots of compost from it.

After that we went home and played in the pool for a while then we went into town again for dinner.

We were walking around in town and we found this cool shop with this thing called the TOROFLUX in it.


It’s awesome you can use it for decoration, entertainment and fun. You can pass it to your friends, you can throw it and basicly it just flows on you. I really wanted one, and mum surprised me and bought one without me knowing. Then when we got to the place for dinner she gave it to me. Wow! Its so awesome. I played with it all night, and thought about busking and making a little show with it. I met this other girl named Jaia, we had fun playing around with it and then got onto the hula hoops and started playing drums and other crazy instruments at this place. It was pretty fun. I’m going to make a movie and see if I can put it on here.


Lukoia Coffey over and out.